Daniella Silva


Aged out and undocumented

With current immigration legislation looming in Congress, Nesbitt and Crichlow continue their push for the rights of the children of recruited professionals and their right to documentation.


Advice columnist for the undocumented

In October 2010, Angy Rivera created Ask Angy, the first and only advice column for undocumented youth.


No Dream Act in NY budget

The bill’s failure stemmed from a discrepancy between the state’s two legislative bodies, the assembly and the senate.


Undocumented youth use the Internet and social media for info and support

The benefits of an online community goes beyond the practical, there's a huge emotional component as well.

Special Reports

Sound issues hurt Inauguration

Some in the audience booed as the screen briefly turned off, others couldn’t help but laugh at the sporadic transmission.


Burned beyond repair

A family's home is destroyed because of a downed power line during Hurricane Sandy.


Legal panel discusses the plight of Pussy Riot

Several hundred students, professors, and activists gathered to hear the attorneys in a candid discussion about the plight of the Russian band members who were imprisoned after they gave a performance to protest the reelection of Russian president, Vladimir Putin.

Special Reports

Still Occupying: One year later OWS hits the streets again

Protestors waved banners, played music, and danced in the street. Over 150 people were arrested.


Protestors get inside Republican fundraiser and toss bills

Suggested contributions for the fund-raising breakfast were $2,500 per person or $25,000-$50,000 per table of ten, according to the event invitation on the web site

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“He saved people”

Families and friends remember those who died on 9/11