Farnoush Amiri


Living in the Shadow of Dreamers

When she learned she was undocumented and the negativity surrounding it, she started calling herself a Dreamer.


The children and grandchildren of Holocaust survivors keep the stories alive

According to the Conference on Jewish Material Claims Against Germany, the youngest survivors today are said to be 73 years old.


Dreamers continue to live with uncertainty as government shutdown ends

Six years ago, Aca was an undocumented immigrant working as a busboy at the Trump SoHo Hotel. Today, he has legal status and an associates degree in commercial photography. He is working towards a bachelors in international affairs at Baruch College.


The Dosa Man

Thiru Kumar, also known as Dosa Man, has been a food fixture at Washington Square Park for the past 16 years.


NYC City Council “Kneel In”

The group of about 15 city officials joined together to display unity against the president’s tweets.


A melting pot of resistance to Iranian president

hundreds of protesters congregated on the steps of the U.N. Plaza to protest for the socio-political and human right issues that has risen in the Middle East and domestically in the U.S.


Latinos discuss leadership in the Age of Trump

For Calderón, it’s not the number of Latino leaders in power that is the issue in their community but the ideology and policies that they set forth.


The 11th of September at O’Hara’s

Among the roughly 2,750 people who died that Tuesday morning, many were regulars of O’Hara’s, whether it was for an after-work drink with a colleague or on their lunch break for a burger and fries.