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NYC Primary: Colorful Sanders supporters rally at Navy Yard before debate

They came from all over the country to take on the more subdued Hilary Clinton supporters.


The battle against sodium in NYC begins

“Customers should know what goes into their food.”


Xmas trees for sale

A Christmas tree stand is set up at Astor Place for 24 hours a day up until Christmas. Workers at the stand live out of vans and makeshift shelters on the sidewalks until the holiday is over.

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New York City Marathon: Upper West Side

A former electronics technician for the U.S Navy, Johnson is a disabled veteran who was no stranger to the demands of a marathon, finishing the race with flying colors, as well as two prosthetic legs.


Pope brings the masses to lower Manhattan

During his second day in the city , the pope delivered a multi-religious ceremony at the 9/11 Memorial, and New Yorkers, tourists and visitors flocked to the surrounding streets in anticipation of seeing him pass by.


Crowds are thin, but hopes high at Feast of San Gennaro

A few idle visitors walked by to check out the various homemade pizzas lining the picnic table style stand for the family’s bar. They walked away empty-handed.

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GOP CNN Debate: Trump goes on attack again

Trump and Fiorina, who previously exchanged some harsh public words, were up first with some tough questions about whether she would trust him with nuclear codes (the answer was no).