Nicole Guzzardi


Dog running is big business in New York City

Some dog owners in NYC are turning to dog runners to give their pups exercise.


Guide dogs offer independence to owners

Guide dogs can be much more than "man's best friend"


Disabled pet owners won’t give up on beloved “family” members

Pet owners will be spends thousands of dollars to keep their pet alive.


Little Italy has shrunk, but its spirit remains

Little Italy still boast the best cannolis and nostalgia for those who stayed.


Passionate Occupy Wall Street make their voices heard at Union Square

"Its about sharing our stories,” one protestor said.


NYC Marathon: Bundled up and waiting

When they finally spotted Jenna come around the corner, they went wild, waving their signs and shouting, “Go Jenna, You can do it,” as she dashed by in a large crowd.


The wicked witch of Wall Street

For New York City's annual Halloween Parade along 6th Avenue, Felicia Young dressed up as, "The Wicked Witch of Wall Street," to show her support for the Occupy Wall Street movement


Art in Odd Places brings humour, smiles and memories to 14th street

Artists incorporate ritual practice in their pieces to explore topics from politics and culture, to individuality and community.


Atheist group wants 9/11 cross removed from ground zero museum

Atheists say the cross has no place in a museum supported by taxpayers.


9/11 statue honors firefighters and other first responders

“The Kneeling Fireman" is the first 9/11 memorial in midtown.