Vanessa Handy

Special Report: Reporting Black America

Sonic Serenity: A review of the music that carried Black folks through 2021

Music has the power to soothe and re-situate. The right song can transport you back in time to a place […]

Special Report: Reporting Black America

For young Indo-Caribbean adults, culture is complex and a source of pride

Ambivalence to Indo-Caribbean culture is reflected in systems of racial identification, as seen on the census or official U.S. documents, that have historically reduced racial and ethnic identities to a matter of boxes and labels.

Special Report: Reporting Black America

The quest to diversify NYC’s specialized high schools 

Black and Latinx students make up 3.9 percent of Stuyvesant High School’s student body according to recent statistics by U.S. News.

Special Report: Reporting Black America

Liberation through imagination

This torrent of emotions evolved into “Philosophy,” a poem about the value of Black life, that earned 27.6k views when performed

Special Report: America Votes

Young voter from Maryland can’t find meaning in the vote

“I utterly despise both candidates."