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Educators reach out to children of all abilities

Three women started their own independent school, named The Ideal School. Dedicated to creating an inclusive learning environment, co-founders worked with education experts to balance the needs of all children.


Reading woes continue to plague city schools

Not one student in Klein’s class is reading on the appropriate grade level. Fewer than half of the students at Marta Valle will graduate. Klein attributes the continuing deterioration of New York City public education to misguided reform.


Homeless Iraq War vet begs for change on subway

There are more than 200,000 veterans living on streets and in shelters across the country. Many of those veterans also suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, a mental illness that affects people exposed to extreme violence.


Homeless struggle in New Jersey

Jaclyn Cherubini is not being evasive when she tells reporters that she doesn’t know who the “new homeless” are. She hates the term. For one, it’s presumptuous.


Holiday protest on Park Avenue

Santa Claus and a band of activist delivered an early Christmas present yesterday to Blackstone Inc. The Corporations wants to build coal fired plants near their homes.


Second Avenue subway causes strife

Residents are losing their homes and stores are losing business to the $4.5 billion subway, which will run along Second Avenue from 96th Street to 63rd Street and open in 2017.


Bilingual education imperative to many NYC schools

In this bilingual class, at the children are taught shapes, colors and numbers in English and their native languages. The program is one of hundreds of government-funded initiatives in New York City to help teach English to children who do not speak the language.


Luxury hotel and homeless shelter co-exist in East Village

“It’s strange bedfellows,” said Wayne Pete, a janitor at Project Renewal. “But that’s the pulse of the city. We all have to learn to co-exist."


South Bronx housing projects help struggling residents

The Bronx Parent Housing Network, a non-profit organization, runs four housing facilities in the South Bronx community, each one designed to meet the needs of the homeless population.


Luxury condos take over Fort Greene neighborhood

During the last two years, Vincent Fonseca has watched the condos erupt from the ground and dwarf the housing project where he was born and has lived for decades.