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Homeless Vietnam veteran may get a home

“I want to get reacclimated to being a human being again. To going where I want, when I want, and not having to look over my shoulder like the cops are going to say I’m doing something wrong. To do things like sit on my couch, watch TV, and have a beer,” he said.


Port Richmond confronts racial tensions

Several attacks on immigrants in Port Richmond, a Staten Island neighborhood, have forced the community to address racial tensions.


NYC Marathon: Stragglers battle exhaustion

For the many stragglers hobbling down Fifth Avenue during the final hour of the marathon, it was a ruthless battle as mental stamina vied against physical exhaustion.


NYC Marathon: The perfect spot in East Harlem

From the stoop of Gaby’s apartment on 5th Avenue, the group of nine joined the neighborhood in cheering marathon runners.


NYC Marathon: Music fuels runners, band says

Yolanda Rodriguez and her band, The Dfenderz, played for runners at the New York City Marathon on Sunday.


NYC Marathon: Harlem runner can’t run

More than a year ago, Yen Henllay was laid off from his job as a financial consultant. To overcome the sadness and frustration, he took up running.


NYC Marathon: Spectators become friends

Walkden and Williams, who had never met until today, spoke about running techniques and exchanged remedies for body cramps as if they were old friends.


NYC Marathon: Families cheer on the East Side

Murphy’s daughter ran her first marathon in Oregon, but she said there is nothing like the unique and colorful crowds of support in New York City.


NYC Marathon: Waiting for the Chilean miner

Jumping up and down from the sidelines Sunday evening, the Chile native cheered on the thinning stream of runners who entered the race’s final stretch through Central Park.


NYC Marathon: The Dunkin’ Donuts water station

It was the volunteers at the watering stations and bystanders from other neighborhoods who cheered the loudest in Williamsburg.