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Special Reports

Crumbling East Village Projects: Many tenants say they wait a year for repairs

Weary tenants say they can't get repairs done.

Special Reports

Crumbling East Village Projects: Broken elevators trap elderly and disabled

"Some of the residents here are incredibly ill," one resident says.


MetroCard artist sparks debate over use of discarded transit materials

MTA officials have had several run-ins with artists over copyright infringement.


Trouble continues to brew at the East Village’s Girls Prep

The East Village Middle School battles turmoil over ouster of popular principal.


After fire, St. Mark’s Comics back in business

After a fire struck St. Mark’s Comics in the East Village Feb. 17, the real superheroes were members of the New York City police and fire departments.


After cuts, rat problems in E. Village could worsen

The health department plans to reduce the number of pest control aides by almost 70 percent, and East Village residents fear rat infestations might increase.