Special Report: Shutdown: The Coronavirus

ICE takes aim at international students

ICE is now threatening to deport any international student who will have only online classes next semester.

Special Report: Shutdown: The Coronavirus

Chinese students trapped by new ICE policy

For the tenth consecutive year, China remained the largest source of international students in the US, making up 33.7% of all foreign students in 2019,

Special Report: Shutdown: The Coronavirus

New ICE policy adds more turmoil to the lives of international students

Unless one class is held person, international students will be deported.

Special Report: Shutdown: The Coronavirus

Lawsuits follow ICE policy barring international students who are taking online classes

According to The Chronicle of Higher Education, more than half of the universities are planning for in-person teaching for next semester.


Professor sponsors trans woman refugee

Members of a LGBTQ group who are traveling with the Central American migrants caravan hoping to reach the U.S. border, […]


Dreamers continue to live with uncertainty as government shutdown ends

Six years ago, Aca was an undocumented immigrant working as a busboy at the Trump SoHo Hotel. Today, he has legal status and an associates degree in commercial photography. He is working towards a bachelors in international affairs at Baruch College.


Binational same sex couples struggle with deporation

Civil Unions and gay marriages does not stop these couples from being torn apart.