NYPD (Page 3)


Giants Parade: Mob goes wild and attacks police cruiser

Arrest were made as some fans lost control.


Arab Americans tired of alleged racial profiling by NYPD

Community claims to still be heavily monitored 10 years after 9/11.


Sights from Occupy Wall Street Day of Action

Short videos capture scenes from a "A National Day of Action"


Passionate Occupy Wall Street make their voices heard at Union Square

"Its about sharing our stories,” one protestor said.


Occupy Wall Street Protestors march to take back their park

Occupy Wall Street protestors marched from Tribeca's to reclaim Zuccotti Park.


Occupy Wall Street protestors are back in Zuccotti Park

A judge ruled that protesters cannot camp in the park, but they can still be there.


Occupy Wall Street vows not to stop

Protestors say movement will only go stronger.


Occupy Wall Street booted out of Zuccotti Park

The park was completely emptied of protesters, tents, sleeping bags, books and other belongings.


Frustrated Occupy Wall Street protestors are shut out of Zuccotti Park

The police refused to allow protestors to re-enter the park, violating a temporary restraining order.


Some women at Occupy Wall Street struggle with security and being heard

As the movement grows women protestors have their own issues with surviving and thriving at Zuccotti Park