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Special Report: Midterm Elections 2014

Voting not a priority for NYU students

Since 1964, young voters ages 18-24 have consistently voted at lower rates than other age groups.


NYU’s New Sexual Misconduct Policy

The university has a new policy, but student outreach is a problem.


NYU students protest sale of sweatshop apparel at NYU bookstore

The students staged the “die in” to highlight the many workers killed and injured in garment factory accidents.


New law upsets young smokers in New York

Mayor Michael Bloomberg signed into law in October a bill that prohibits New Yorkers under the age of 21 from purchasing cigarettes.


International students struggle to find jobs in the U.S.

They have to deal with restrictive visa requirements and limited jobs opportunities because of their limited visa status.

Special Report: Election 2012

NYU students hustle to get the vote out

In a tight election this year, both Obama and Republican nominee Mitt Romney are targeting younger voters.


Legal panel discusses the plight of Pussy Riot

Several hundred students, professors, and activists gathered to hear the attorneys in a candid discussion about the plight of the Russian band members who were imprisoned after they gave a performance to protest the reelection of Russian president, Vladimir Putin.


Bringing smiles to the community with cupcakes

Two New York City women bring smiles to under-served communities by baking cupcakes


NYU Islamic students protest NYPD surveillance

“We want a public apology from the NYPD to NYU students,” said Ahmad Raza, 22, the undergraduate chapter ISA president. “We have done nothing wrong.”