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Still Occupying: Whose Street? Our Street

Occupy Wall Street hits the streets again to demonstrate for their one anniversary.

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Still Occupying: CODEPINK

Some activists feel they have been directly impacted by this “war.”

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Still Occupying: Police Occupy Wall Street

What was intended to be an act of civil disobedience turned into a cat-and-mouse chase with police, who prevented protestors from being able to occupy anything.

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Still Occupying: OWS not just a youth movement

By 7:09 a.m. Bill Steyert, 69, had been arrested for blocking traffic.


New OWS occupation frustrates local community

After being booted out of Zuccotti Park last weekend, after a six month occupation, Occupy Wall Street protestors have moved to a public space - Union Square Park - leaving the community with mixed reactions.


Occupy Wall Street welcomes travelers

Occupy Wall Street started five weeks ago as a demonstration in Zuccotti Park filled mainly with New Yorkers. But as the movement has grown, the park has welcomed guests from all over.


Unemployed, homeless and protesting with Occupy Wall Street

David Everitt-Carlson makes signs for the protestors


Occupy Wall Street organizes security team

Vocal public dissent has begun to penetrate the ranks of the occupied faithful.


Occupy Wall Street protest continues to grow in face of arrests

Occupy Wall Street movement is growing in New York City and across the world.


A week into protest, “Occupy Wall Street” march on

Eighty members were arrested today, but park occupation continues.