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Frigid temperatures, but some homeless prefer the streets to shelter

Many of the city’s street homeless choose to tough it out under sleeping bags, blankets and scaffoldings.

Midterm Elections 2014 / Politics

The homeless vote

Homeless voters and their advocates talk about the upcoming elections.


“Homeless” ballet builds awareness and stirs emotion

The performance revealed the uncensored side of homelessness,


Running away from homelessness

Back on My Feet gets the homeless involved in the sport of running.

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Art without walls

A homeless man uses art as a means of survival.

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Harsh winter leads to more homeless on city streets

With this year’s harsh winter overpopulating shelters, more homeless people are forced to live on the streets.

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Counting the homeless

HOPE, the Homeless Outreach Population Estimate surveys the number of homeless people on the street of New York City.

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Women veterans battle homelessness

Finding help to prevent homelessness is increasingly difficult.

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Qween Amor, subway performer

Qween Amor is a homeless subway performer who recently was working the concourse on 14th St, Union Square Station.

Suits and job training offer hope to veterans

Suits and job training offer hope to veterans

In 1980 veteran, Nelson Quinones, was rushing to get to the car repair company where he worked when he was hit in a head-on collision that left him with a cracked skull and a broken leg. His two-month recovery in the hospital cost him his job and he needed to turn to veteran programs to help him get back to […]