Alexandra DiPalma

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The Border Project: Staging ground for the undocumented

The town of Altar, Mexico, responds to the needs of migrants making the dangerous trip across the border.


Bloomberg targets salty diets

As part of his National Salt Reduction Initiative, Bloomberg called for restaurants and food manufacturers to reduce salt content of their food by 25 percent over the next five years.


Hard-court bike polo grows in popularity

While polo is usually associated with high society and royalty, bike polo matches in Manhattan’s Lower East Side draw a more diverse following.


Art galleries thriving in Lower East Side

As restaurants and retail shops throughout Manhattan close their doors for good, art galleries in the Lower East Side are thriving.


Lower East Side slowly losing its charm

Now more than ever, store owners and residents in the Lower East Side fear growing numbers of affluent middle-class transplants are threatening the area’s unique character.


Chess pro challenges willing opponents

Sweet Pea fell into the chess profession during the '60s when he couldn’t find a job. He’d wander around the city’s chess shops, looking for a way to occupy his time.

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Haiti Earthquake: Worry triggers involvement

When the Louis family learned their Haitian relatives home collapsed on top of them, they took action.


Educators reach out to children of all abilities

Three women started their own independent school, named The Ideal School. Dedicated to creating an inclusive learning environment, co-founders worked with education experts to balance the needs of all children.


Reading woes continue to plague city schools

Not one student in Klein’s class is reading on the appropriate grade level. Fewer than half of the students at Marta Valle will graduate. Klein attributes the continuing deterioration of New York City public education to misguided reform.


NYC Marathon: Industrial metal in Williamsburg

While most of the streets on the New York City Marathon route were lined with cheering spectators during the race, the streets of Hasidic Williamsburg were remarkably empty. But on the corner of Bedford and Division Avenues, Jose Toro helped to provide some much-needed energy for runners in the barren stretch.