Alexandra Zuccaro


More Dads want to stay-at-home

Since 1989, the number of fathers who stay at home with their children has nearly doubled, reaching its highest point at 2.2 million in 2010.


Many veterans fight an endless battle with PTSD and suicidal thoughts

An estimated 22 veterans a day lose their lives to suicide.


InkStop Tattoo Artist

Ronen Bichacho is a tattoo artist at Inkstop Tattoo, a hip little studio located in the East Village. For 20 years, Bichano has pursued his passion for tattooing, and can't picture himself doing anything else.

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New York City Marathon: Bay Ridge

Jackie McMahon is all smiles as she anxiously waits in Bay Ridge for her NYPD coworker to run by in […]


NY People: Paul Sanchez, New York Photographer

Paul Sanchez, a New York photographer, on how he started his career and why he loves photographing in New York.


Papal protesters flock to city

The protesters passed around flyers featuring lists of biblical quotes and wore t-shirts that read “You Repent” and “Fear God” printed on them.


A plea to fix Human Trafficking Intervention Courts

Human trafficking is a big problem in New York, and still largely affects areas in the Queens and the Bronx.

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GOP CNN Debate: Fiorina rises

The fierce female candidate faced off against the leading GOP candidate in the polls, Donald Trump, right off the bat.

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14 Years Later: Maryland couple honor those lost every year

In Maryland, she works as a nurse and remembered how the attack on the Pentagon made everyone so anxious. She saw how intensely everyone was affected, and how vulnerable people became.