Breana Jones


NYC homeless youth population at a record high

These youth continue to function in society, hiding the issue of their homelessness to the outside world.


Fast food workers protest low minimum wage

Fast food workers rallied for a union, $15 an hour, and better job security.

Special Reports

Four generations witness Inauguration

The majority of the crowd was black. The strong presence proved the significance of the President’s two term hasn’t been lost on the black community.


Seaport steakhouse reopens after Sandy’s destruction

The 27-year restaurant owner wasted no time rebuilding MarkJoseph.


NY People: Rae Charles, professional dancer

With her professional career starting, dancer Rae Charles, speaks on the joys and fears of it all.


Fire safety code task force aims to prevent tragedies.

Task Force’s report lists at least 20 recommendations for state buildings and projects in New York City, but ultimately the goal is to have all buildings in New York City under the same fire code regulations.

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Still Occupying: OWS not just a youth movement

By 7:09 a.m. Bill Steyert, 69, had been arrested for blocking traffic.