Chris Palmer


One year later, military family still mourns fallen son

A year after Johnny Kihm died in Afghanistan, his family is still coming to terms with his passing.

Special Reports

GOP Primary: Many Williamsport voters indifferent towards controversial new law

Pennsylvania is one of only five states in the country to enact strict legislation on IDs.


Yoga for veterans

Veterans say that it can have a variety of beneficial effects, including relief from mental symptoms brought on by PTSD.


Giants Parade: Stock brokers celebrate

Their attire didn’t prevent them from mixing in with the crowd: they hooted, hollered, laughed and screamed.


Occupy Wall Street vows not to stop

Protestors say movement will only go stronger.


Frustrated Occupy Wall Street protestors are shut out of Zuccotti Park

The police refused to allow protestors to re-enter the park, violating a temporary restraining order.


Penn State fans and alumni in NYC watch the game with heavy hearts

Here in Manhattan, the New York City chapter of the Penn State alumni association made a pledge to donate $1 for each of its dues paying members to the Rape, Abuse and Incest National Network.


NYC Marathon: Cheering on a 50-year-old son

The pair stood among a modest but growing crowd this morning, cheering on wheelchair competitors and the earliest female runners before the race reached fever pitch across the river in Manhattan.


Halloween at Zuccotti Park

Occupy Wall Street Protestors had fun in costume at Zuccotti Park.


Occupy Wall Street park clean up postponed

Protestors celebrate in Zuccotti Park.