Joann Pan


Urban Foraging in Prospect Park

Urban foraging is the other way to eat locally. Foragers look for edible weeds, non-toxic mushrooms and colorful trees that bear fruits such as American persimmons—a deliciously sweet yellow or orange-tinged fruit with a tough skin, packing juice.


Trash diving for food is a Freegans life

"It’s a philosophy, world view, life style that reuses, repurposes all kinds of goods,” said freegan, Giovanni Andollo.


Arab Americans tired of alleged racial profiling by NYPD

Community claims to still be heavily monitored 10 years after 9/11.


Occupy Wall Street booted out of Zuccotti Park

The park was completely emptied of protesters, tents, sleeping bags, books and other belongings.


Occupy Wall Street schedules city wide march to “shut down” Wall Street

Bold,flyers are being spread on twitter, urging the community to “Occupy Every Block.”


NYC Marathon: A soulful welcome in Harlem

A gospel music welcome for runners in Harlem.


Occupy Wall Street rallies in Washington Square Park

The focus of the rally was growth.


700 Occupy Wall Street protestors arrested on the Brooklyn Bridge

Occupy Wall Street protestors attempted to march across the Brooklyn Bridge but were met with police opposition.