Mary Zarikos


Filipino restaurants thrive in secret

With all the sushi bars, Chinese dim sum joints and Korean BBQ grills in New York City, some Asian cuisines have yet to proclaim themselves beyond the immigrant enclaves.


A hip, new twist on gefilte fish

The Gelfilteria in Brooklyn produces a much fresher and healthier version of gefilte fish, appealing to a bigger more health-savvy market.


Gluten free diet explosion

Gluten-free has become a full-blown fad—and skeptics and medical professionals have not been quick to embrace it.


Greek Yogurt no longer a niche business, but a nationwide food trend

Today, Greek yogurt brands are dominating refrigerator shelves of mainstream supermarkets and convenience stores across the nation.


Low income Sandy victims still displaced

“Every day is a struggle..." one victim said.


Greek Americans try and help their struggling motherland

Many Greek Americans are worried and frustrated with the never ending crisis in Greece


Local deli feeds downtown locals without power

What was a headache for residents, became a jackpot for small business owners.


NY People: Augustus Shaw, bananagram bow tie maker

In Union Square Park, a 22-year-old bananagram maker, sells his products in hopes of attracting women.


An OWS contingent protests at Republican fundraiser

“I don’t want Romney to become president, because I’m scared he is going to run America the way he runs his businesses. We are the 99%. We can’t live like that.”