Meredith Bennett-Smith

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Rebuilding Detroit: Community clinics build a safety net for the vulnerable

About 22 percent of Detroit residents are uninsured.

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New York celebrates the death of Osama bin Laden

Nearly ten years after the September 11 attacks and America’s subsequent invasion of Afghanistan, a U.S. Special Forces team has […]


Advocacy groups push Pentagon for DADT update

Advocacy groups for gay and lesbian service member rights met with Pentagon officials to get a status update on the repeal process of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.


Transgender rights still uncertain after DADT repeal

Even after DADT repeal, transgender status is still grounds for disqualification.


DADT repealed, but real change still pending

Despite the repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, details of when it will go into effect remain speculative.

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NYC Cold: Street performers, homeless seek warmth of ferry terminal

The entryway also plays host to a tin man and golden statue.

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Philadelphia Life: Pennsylvania is an easy place to buy guns, officials say

Whether you’re a cowboy or a bandit, you will not have trouble obtaining a firearm in the state any time soon.

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Philadelphia Life: Illegal guns are a way of life in some neighborhoods

Obtaining a pistol can be as easy as walking up to a corner and asking for one.


NYC Marathon: British chicken with a cause

With each feathered step, the London native raised more money for leukemia research at facilities throughout the United Kingdom and the U.S.

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The Border Project: ‘Anchor baby’ law stirs controversy

New law proposes no birth certificates to children of the undocumented.