Stella Levantesi


Syrian teen refugee flees war zone to life in Connecticut

Coming to the U.S. has been a chance for the Moussa children to get the education they lost growing up in a war zone.


Students rally to end gun violence in March for Our Lives

Many of the speakers expressed their desire to be able to vote, even if they still haven’t reached 21 years of age.


Trump’s tariffs on solar energy may damage fast growing industry

 President Donald Trump recently imposed tariffs on imported solar energy panels, causing prices to go up by 30 percent […]


Puerto Rico stuck in an environmental crisis

The island’s battered infrastructure continues to be a problem and many believe it won’t be able to handle the increasing threat of climate change if no changes are made.


New Yorkers reflect on a year of Trump

For the first time in American history, U.S. politics has been dictated by a president’s appetite to tweet.


Father Pigeon sells felt pigeons in Washington Square Park

For $40 you can buy a felt pigeon in Washington Square Park


Hurricane Sandy victims mark 5 year anniversary with rally for climate justice

Sandy victims and others marched for climate change on the 5th anniversary of the hurricane which, claimed 117 lives and caused $75 million in damages.


NY People: Erika Moncada, Hula Hooper


“Muslim Ban” and bigotry unite protestors

For some, the ban is a reflection of the tendency to attach Muslims to the stigma of terrorism. For others, national security prevails over human rights.  


Bronx Latinos support Puerto Rican and Mexican disaster victims

Southern Boulevard was filled with donations.