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Art is a cure

Simmons of London, England said that art was the medium that saved his life.


Photo show in storage containers opens in Brooklyn

The concept of Photoville is unique in the sense that they think outside of the box by taking viewers right back in.


Social justice through art and music: Laulo Senbanjo

Laulo Senbanjo is a Nigerian-born singer and artist.


Jeronim Hajdaraj, comic book artist

Jeronim Hajdaraj incorporates legends and heroes from his native Kosovo as way to pay tribute to his heritage.


Farzana Fatema, henna artist

Farzana Fatema is a professional henna artist based in Jamaica, Queens. She learned how to apply henna as a young girl growing up in Bangladesh and has now turned her passion into a successful business.


Quirky capitalism art work on display at Times Square

Two digital scoreboards labeled ‘true’ and ‘false’ glowed red underneath the bright lights of ‘capitalism,’ beckoning onlookers to cast a vote at an erected podium before the sign.

ArtsSpecial Reports

9/11 Anniversary: Art therapy aids the sick

Their art offers them a creative release for the trauma they experienced on that horrific day and the health problems they continue to battle now.


Joe Ficalora and the Bushwick Collective

Joe Ficalora is a Bushwick native and creator/curator of the Bushwick Collective. The Collective, also known as Bushwick 5 Points, is about about the transformative and healing power of art.


NY People: Augustus Shaw, bananagram bow tie maker

In Union Square Park, a 22-year-old bananagram maker, sells his products in hopes of attracting women.


Fashion District Arts Festival brings an eclectic mix of art to Broadway

For eight years the festival has showcased the artists who work in the area.