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NY People: Augustus Shaw, bananagram bow tie maker

In Union Square Park, a 22-year-old bananagram maker, sells his products in hopes of attracting women.


Fashion District Arts Festival brings an eclectic mix of art to Broadway

For eight years the festival has showcased the artists who work in the area.


NY People: Rae Charles, professional dancer

With her professional career starting, dancer Rae Charles, speaks on the joys and fears of it all.


NY People: Diana Warner, jewelry designer

The creative director and founder of DWNY tells her story and her dreams.


NY People: Artist Genesis Tramaine

Meet Genesis Tramine, a Brooklyn artist committed to her art and people.


Korean pop star Psy gives his first ‘American style’ performance

Psy has succeeded where many of his South Korean predecessors have failed: piercing the U.S. market.


Occupy Wall Street uses art as a form of protest

The "No Comment" art exhibit brings protest art to Wall Street for 24 hours.


Art in Odd Places brings humour, smiles and memories to 14th street

Artists incorporate ritual practice in their pieces to explore topics from politics and culture, to individuality and community.


The art of photojournalism honored in NoHo

The Openhouse Gallery in Soho, is showcasing the New York Press Photographers Association’s annual exhibit, The Year in Pictures 2010.


MetroCard artist sparks debate over use of discarded transit materials

MTA officials have had several run-ins with artists over copyright infringement.