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Bushwick’s “revival” brings new faces, rent hikes and rapid change

A clash of cultures and agendas.


Undocumented youth use the Internet and social media for info and support

The benefits of an online community goes beyond the practical, there's a huge emotional component as well.


Olympics give wrestling the boot, but wrestlers not giving up

In 2020, for the first time since the modern Olympic Games began in 1896, wrestling will not be included as one of the 25 core sports,


Greek Yogurt no longer a niche business, but a nationwide food trend

Today, Greek yogurt brands are dominating refrigerator shelves of mainstream supermarkets and convenience stores across the nation.


Some immigrant cab drivers left professional careers in their native land

There are 42,000 taxi cab drivers in New York City. Eighty-two percent of them were born in foreign countries. Some of the have higher education degrees in their native countries.


Seniors find love on meetup.com

The senior singles gather at restaurants where they collectively dine and share their ideas on pre-determined discussion topics.


With fracking decision looming, New Yorkers worry about water

The indecision on fracking is up for review.

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The Oscars

Watch/read our live blog of the 85th Academy Awards. Online now.


“Canstruction” helps Sandy victims and the needy

Creations have ranged from gravity defying beehives to spaceships, balloon dogs and enormous cupcakes made entirely of unopened food cans.


Low income Sandy victims still displaced

“Every day is a struggle..." one victim said.