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NYU Islamic students protest NYPD surveillance

“We want a public apology from the NYPD to NYU students,” said Ahmad Raza, 22, the undergraduate chapter ISA president. “We have done nothing wrong.”


New York City schools dish out healthy lunches

In New York City, meals mostly meet and in some cases exceed the standards now required by federal law.


Social media helps to spread global news on abuse of women

Social media is increasingly being used as a tool in highlighting issues of women from the developing world.


Brooklyn eatery serves gourmet fast food the “Trini way”

Island Burger is one of dozens of Caribbean restaurants lining Utica Avenue, attracting guests from near and far wanting a taste of the islands.


Disabled pet owners won’t give up on beloved “family” members

Pet owners will be spends thousands of dollars to keep their pet alive.


A warm winter brings relief to the homeless

“It has been a mild winter, but I’m not worried about sh**,” Larry Reddick said. “Bring on the snow, I can’t wait.”


Trash diving for food is a Freegans life

"It’s a philosophy, world view, life style that reuses, repurposes all kinds of goods,” said freegan, Giovanni Andollo.


Hair salon reflects changing neighborhood

Diversity has brought hope and new clients to Crown Heights.


Yoga for veterans

Veterans say that it can have a variety of beneficial effects, including relief from mental symptoms brought on by PTSD.


Jeremy Lin craze fuels Asian-American pride

‘Lin-sanity’ has swept through New York City.