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Rebuilding Detroit: A booming TechTown

A 100,000 square foot technology park and business incubator brings entrepreneurs from across southeast Michigan.


Rebuilding Detroit: Winning sports teams inject joy and pride

“There’s a real buzz going on in the city.”

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Rebuilding Detroit: The battle against illiteracy takes a blow

Six out of 23 public libraries are slated to close.

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Rebuilding Detroit: Mexicantown’s mom and pop stores struggle

An increase in population hasn't translated to an increase in business.


Rebuilding Detroit: Demolishing abandon homes not the answer for many

A growing number of residents want abandon homes given away instead of leveled.

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Rebuilding Detroit: Number of homicides are growing

Homicide rate is up 19.7%. since 2010.

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Rebuilding Detroit: Underperforming schools reopen as charter schools

City plan calls for 45 charter schools, so far five have opened.

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Rebuilding Detroit: Urban Farms heading towards legalization

City ordinances on the horizon would lay groundwork on how farms operate.

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Rebuilding Detroit: Obama says, “Yes, we can”

Pavement Pieces looks at a city's fight to come back and the issues that get in its way


Occupy Wall Street park clean up postponed

Protestors celebrate in Zuccotti Park.