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Eco-friendly products may not be so different

All-purpose cleaners at six dollars and $12 a pop for laundry detergent means consumers are paying more for products that experts say may not be that different from their Clorox counterparts.


Baby Multiplicity

Discovering you are pregnant with triplets or more is becoming increasingly unlikely as U.S. fertility clinics, responding to government pressure, are reducing the amount of high-order multiple pregnancies induced by drugs or by treatments such as in vitro fertilization.


Check-cashing store serves the poor

Sylvia Perez left her Harlem apartment with about $1,000 and made her way to the Lower East Side to “settle […]


It’s better than organic — it’s biochar

A new breed of charcoal could be the answer to healthier food and more environmentally conscious agriculture.


Boutique offers clothing, training, hope

Bottomless Closet is a non-profit organization that helps disadvantaged women in New York and other cities with interview skills, career development and, most importantly, clothes.


Stimulus Boost for AIDS Organizations

Housing Works is one of many nonprofit organizations for HIV/AIDS care around the country that are managing to tentatively ride out the economic crisis before the arrival of the economic stimulus package. Their second-hand bookstore in New York City’s SoHo area is a hot draw for lovers of inexpensive literature and has served as their own mini-bailout.


No Gluts, No Glory

Call it sport or entertainment, competitive eating isn't for the weak-stomached.


Recession Hits the Rectory

Since 2005, St. Andrews Anglican Church in the wealthy historic district of downtown Easton, Md., hosted family movie night and […]


Teach for America Yields Mixed Results for Eager Grads

Even in the best of times, college seniors have to arm themselves with parent-ready responses to the stinging question: “What’s […]


Recession keeps dentist’s chair full

Despite economic slowdown, the recession is actually giving dentistry a boost.