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Living with HIV/AIDS: The Crisis Continues

HIV/AIDS still spreads, but to many it is the "forgotten disease" as more of the infected live with HIV instead of die of AIDS.

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Living with HIV/AIDS: Stigma

Atlanta is called the capital city of the “New South” for its economic prosperity and cultural diversity.  But in this […]

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Living with HIV/AIDS: Bush and AIDS

During the month of December, visitors to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue are greeted by a red AIDS ribbon adorning the North […]

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Living With HIV/AIDS: Teens

Every hour in the United States, two young adults between the ages of 13-24 contract HIV. In 2006, young adults […]

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Living with HIV/AIDS: HIV Laws, Help or Hurt?

When Peter Ayala set his girlfriend’s car aflame last year, he was convicted and sentenced to a year in prison […]

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A monk reaches out to the chinese community

The Venerable Benkong, a monk at Grace Gratitude Buddhist Temple at New York's Chinatown is helping the Chinese-American community to reduce the HIV/AIDS stigma by leading a project called 'one teaches ten , ten teach a hundred.'

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Living with HIV/AIDS: Non-Profits Feel Economy Squeeze

As the winter season advances, Ruben Salvador Carrasquillo Jr., and other volunteers at the Gay Men’s Health Crisis (GMHC), are […]

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Living with HIV/AIDS: AIDS Researchers Say Work is Personal

Dr. Stephen Brown was living in Philadelphia when his friends began to die. Brown, the director of clinical research at […]