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Veterans return to ground zero

Veterans at the remembrance ceremonies were eager to share stories of war, death, hardship and triumph.

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Despite terror threats, thousands stream to ground zero

Police patrols were beefed up by the thousands.

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New York celebrates the death of Osama bin Laden

Nearly ten years after the September 11 attacks and America’s subsequent invasion of Afghanistan, a U.S. Special Forces team has […]


Some mark 9/11 with cold beer, fond memories

O'Hara's Restaurant and Pub near Ground Zero doubles as local watering hole and 9/11 memorial site.


Park51 protesters, supporters face off

Supporters and opponents of the proposed Park51 Islamic cultural center gathered near Ground Zero to voice their opinions.


Tensions high on 9/11 anniversary

As Americans marked the ninth anniversary of 9/11, one man lit a Quran on fire near Ground Zero.


Artistic statues mistaken for suicidal jumpers

“Event Horizons” art exhibit, by British artist Antony Gormley, places life-size statues atop buildings and on ledges — causing some New Yorkers to have 9/11 flashbacks.