brooklyn bridge


Brooklyn Bridge gets a bike lane

Even though bikers are now separated from pedestrians, some riders  still want more improvements. 


Juneteenth protestors march from Brooklyn to Manhattan

Thousands of New Yorkers gathered at Cadman Square park  yesterday, to prepare for a long day of protesting. The protests […]


17 years later: The Brooklyn skyline remembers

As people watched, many were overwhelmed with the memories of being within the smoke that overtook the screen in front of them.


Photoville harmonizes people, their phones, and photography

As a free event that is open to the public, the untraditional space liberates the viewers from expectations often associated with museums and brick and mortar galleries.

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Still Occupying: Arrested once, but still not afraid to fight

The danger of arrest might have been present again this morning, but Rachel Smith made it clear she was in the OWS movement for the long haul.


Occupy Wall Street schedules city wide march to “shut down” Wall Street

Bold,flyers are being spread on twitter, urging the community to “Occupy Every Block.”


700 Occupy Wall Street protestors arrested on the Brooklyn Bridge

Occupy Wall Street protestors attempted to march across the Brooklyn Bridge but were met with police opposition.