Hospital Demolition Plans Worry Queer and Nude Beachgoers

 The queer community and the nude community at The People’s Beach–with much overlap between them–have initiated petitions to #saveriisbeach.


Dignity provides a spiritual home for LGBTQI Catholics to worship

For nearly 50 years, Dignity/New York has been providing this  community with a space free from traditional rhetoric that condemns same-sex attraction.


LGBTQ barbershop makes the right cuts

Kutzwell started her barbershop in 2007 when her friends in the LGBTQ community complained about the service they received at neighborhood barbershops.


Gay hockey association builds support and friendships on the ice

Seven teams of both men and women, gay and straight, compete in four different skill divisions.


Aspiring gay priest “Lives out Loud”

The journey was not easy for seminarian Tommie Watkins


Gay, dating and discrimination

Rejection from the mainstream has also lead to an increased number of people reaching out to support groups for social networking.


Qween Amor, subway performer

Qween Amor is a homeless subway performer who recently was working the concourse on 14th St, Union Square Station.

Special Report: Election 2012

The “Moho” Vote

Whichever way they vote, gay Mormons have been emerging more recently as a vocal force within the Mormon community.


Binational same sex couples struggle with deporation

Civil Unions and gay marriages does not stop these couples from being torn apart.


Advocacy groups push Pentagon for DADT update

Advocacy groups for gay and lesbian service member rights met with Pentagon officials to get a status update on the repeal process of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.