Preserving Buddhist traditions in Coastal California

Despite the ongoing pandemic, discrimination, and even accultural alterations, on California’s Central Coast, Japanese-American cultural legacies and the Pure Land Buddhist Faith remain preserved.


Black men, despite political and religious views, feel pain of racism and cling to hope

“Taking care of myself is in itself an act of resistance.”


Many Gay Muslims are trapped between religion and sexual orientation

Gays Muslims at the San Francisco Pride Parade. Photo by Francio Folini. K had to make an impossible decision. Be […]


The traditions of Palo Mayombe

Its dark rituals, involving human and animal remains and even grave robbing, are practiced in extreme secrecy.


The rituals of Greek Orthodox Easter

Greek Orthodox Easter is known as the feasts of feasts in the Greek Orthodox Church. It is considered the central holiday of the year.


The Razi School celebrates cultural diversity

The Razi School, a Muslim pre-kindergarten through 12th grade private school, encourages its students to learn the different religions of the world.

Special Report: Election 2012

Brooklyn Tea Party President Runs for NY State Assembly

If Obama gets reelected Joseph Hayon is convinced there will be another four years of what he sees as the destruction of America.


Atheist group wants 9/11 cross removed from ground zero museum

Atheists say the cross has no place in a museum supported by taxpayers.


After leaving the order, Catholic “married priests” continue to minister

Ordained married men preform religious rites for disfranchised Catholics.


For Easter on Fifth Avenue, faith is optional

Hundreds made their way along Fifth Avenue Easter Sunday in the Bonnet Festival at St. Patrick's Cathedral.