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Frustrated Occupy Wall Street protestors are shut out of Zuccotti Park

The police refused to allow protestors to re-enter the park, violating a temporary restraining order.


Occupy Wall Street schedules city wide march to “shut down” Wall Street

Bold,flyers are being spread on twitter, urging the community to “Occupy Every Block.”


Occupy Wall Street Braces for Winter

Winter is coming and it is getting cold in Zuccotti Park.


Halloween at Zuccotti Park

Occupy Wall Street Protestors had fun in costume at Zuccotti Park.


Occupy Wall Street welcomes travelers

Occupy Wall Street started five weeks ago as a demonstration in Zuccotti Park filled mainly with New Yorkers. But as the movement has grown, the park has welcomed guests from all over.


Occupy Wall Street park clean up postponed

Protestors celebrate in Zuccotti Park.


Occupy Wall Street hit the affluent Upper East Side

The march had a specific purpose; to modify the tax code that the protestors maintained benefitted the rich.


Unemployed, homeless and protesting with Occupy Wall Street

David Everitt-Carlson makes signs for the protestors

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Occupy Philly off to a slow start

Occupy Philly, which began four days ago at City Hall, is still trying to find its sea legs


Occupy Wall Street rallies in Washington Square Park

The focus of the rally was growth.