Annie Iezzi


Beautiful Nonsense: Nightlife Revival at House of Yes

“It’s our legacy of beautiful nonsense,” said HOY co-founder Kae Burke.


Mayor Adams’ homeless sweeps recall history of Tompkins Square Park

Many unhoused people in Tompkins Square Park prefer the street to the shelter.


Arson Shakes Bushwick Queer Community

“I could have never imagined this would happen,” said Tyler Glenn, the club's bartender when the fire broke out.


Formerly Incarcerated People Call Hochul’s Private Prison Labor Proposal “Legal Slavery”

“It is slavery,” Johnson said.  “You’re getting 10 cents an hour, and it takes jobs away out here. If private companies can have prisoners make products, they aren’t going to pay minimum wage out here.”


Ghosting Landlords discriminate against renters who use housing vouchers

Even though its been illegal in NYC since 2008, and illegal statewide since 2019, discrimination against voucher holders is the most common type of housing discrimination in the city


A Fight for the New Rights of Delivery Workers: Los Deliveristas Unidos

Three times each week, Gonzalez and Los Deliveristas have been hosting ‘coffee breaks’ around NYC to educate delivery workers on a new slate of delivery workers rights that went into effect on January 24.


Fentanyl rules the new wave of addiction

Fentanyl, which is often laced into other drugs, is driving the fourth wave of the national opioid crisis.

Special Report: The NYC Marathon Returns

A Spectating Paramedic in Park Slope

 “Go New York, Go New York, Go New York, Go!” he shouted, cheering on the whole city.


Honoring Indigenous Peoples’ Day via Motorcycles

Ahead of NYC’s first official Indigenous Peoples’ Day, REDRUM, an Indigenous motorcycle club, hosted the group’s commemorative cruise.


Judge Sentences Human Rights Lawyer for Criminal Contempt

Outside, the protesters were united in support of Donziger, who has waged a three-decade-long legal battle against Chevron for polluting Ecuador’s Amazon rainforest and killing potentially thousands of mostly indigenous Ecuadorian people.