Karen Camela Watson

Karen Camela Watson

Special Report: Shutdown: The Coronavirus

Trump wants to reopen country in a few weeks

Despite medical experts stating that this could further spread the virus, Trump believes his timeline would work. 

Special Report: Shutdown: The Coronavirus

Life in Canarsie on PAUSE

The quiet hush of Canarsie - everyone indoors, in their backyards/park or heading to their cars or bus - is the norm for those who live here.


Christmas at Hudson Yards

Eight months into its grand opening, New Yorkers and tourists alike have poured into Hudson Yards in numbers that exceed the expectations of supporters and critics alike.


Living in the city of dreams means some adults must seek roommates

The trend of older renters or homeowners sharing their homes with younger adults has caught on.


Private college students want to be included in free tuition debate

On the national level, the push for student loan forgiveness and free tuition revolves primarily around public state colleges and universities where it is believed the need is greatest.


Elizabeth Warren lists her plans in Washington Square Park rally

Senator Elizabeth Warren held a rally at Washington Square Park yesterday. Photo by Karen Camela Watson Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren’s supporters […]