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First, let me take a selfie

 Smartphones are everywhere


Rats are thriving in New York City

New York also ranked as the third rattiest city in America for a second year in a row after Chicago and Los Angeles.

Special Report: The NYC Marathon Returns

In Harlem, a backward marathon champ cheers the runners

He has been coming as a spectator every year since 1981


DeBlasio’s plan to help struggling taxi drivers isn’t enough for union

Owners of medallions owe $600,000 on average according to NYTWA data. 


Activists chain themselves to the tree to save East River Park

The New York City Council wants to build flood control in the Lower East Side.


City youths join global climate strike protest.

They want clean energy, no funding for projects polluting the environment, t environmental justice education in public schools and environmental protection for 30 percent of the country’s  land and sea. 


Army veteran hawks carnival game at Feast of San Gennaro

“I'm a people person, especially when it comes down to the kids,” he said.


Brooklyn Bridge gets a bike lane

Even though bikers are now separated from pedestrians, some riders  still want more improvements. 


Activists vow to save East River Park

The first of the 1,000 trees are scheduled to be cut down on Monday which will destroy the downtown sanctuary feeling of the park, protestors said.