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NYC Marathon: Champion backwards runner cheers in Harlem

Ernest Conner, 66, set the first world record for running backwards at the 1980 New York City Marathon.


NYC Marathon: Waiting for their runners

This year, 150 racers participated on behalf of Get Kids Going, a British charity that provides sports wheelchairs and personal training to disabled children.


NYC Marathon: Cowbells in Gowanus

Cowbells clanged in celebration from every direction to welcome the marathon runners to Gowanus, Brooklyn.


NYC Marathon: ‘Important spot to cheer’

St. Anthony’s Church is considered a “photo-op” at the 20K mark and comes right before the runners cross the Polanski Bridge into Queens.


NYC Marathon: British chicken with a cause

With each feathered step, the London native raised more money for leukemia research at facilities throughout the United Kingdom and the U.S.


NYC Marathon: Navajo vibe in Bay Ridge

Parked in front of a gas station in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, members of The Awakening Live jazz band jammed between miles two and four of the New York City Marathon.

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The Border Project: NAFTA fueling illegal immigration, critics say

Free trade between the U.S. and Mexico put many Mexican farmers out of work.

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The Border Project: Dead migrants scattered across desert

An average of 180 bodies are found in the Pima County, Ariz., desert every year.

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The Border Project: “Minuteman movement” at crossroads

The civilian border patrol movement is at a crossroads.

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The Border Project: Border wall harms environment, some say

The border fence has disrupted animal migration patterns and caused flooding.