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College students prepare taxes for needy via new virtual system

The new online-based system is expected to be more cost-effective and efficient.


Mother Nature to sucker punch New Yorkers with more cold after warm start to week

New Yorkers got a little reprieve from the bitterly cold conditions that hit the city as well as different parts […]

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Violence in Chicago’s South Side

[View the story “Chicago’s Southside at a Glance” on Storify]


Common Core curriculam brings challenges and hope to Chicago teachers

Common Core is a national program establishing principles to be reached at each grade level in reading and math.


Killing of Shia people in Pakistan takes toll on Pakistani American families

According to Human Rights Watch, more than 800 Shias have been killed since 2012.


New law upsets young smokers in New York

Mayor Michael Bloomberg signed into law in October a bill that prohibits New Yorkers under the age of 21 from purchasing cigarettes.


Afghans working for the U.S in Afghanistan are left behind as conflict draws to a close

About 75% of all the interpreters have had serious difficulties in obtaining these visas.


Gay, dating and discrimination

Rejection from the mainstream has also lead to an increased number of people reaching out to support groups for social networking.


Skin lightening treatments fading for children of South East Asian immigrants

Southeast Asian immigrants’ first-generation American children have become less color-conscious than the countries their families hail from.

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Southeast Asia’s ugly obession with fair skin

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