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Artist deals ‘candy crack’ in Brooklyn

Hill’s latest project has him donning a dolphin mascot head and white tuxedo as he delivers $1 bags of "candy crack” — or packs of crushed up sugar cubes colored and flavored with snow-cone syrup.


Homeless struggle in New Jersey

Jaclyn Cherubini is not being evasive when she tells reporters that she doesn’t know who the “new homeless” are. She hates the term. For one, it’s presumptuous.


Trangendered woman lives with HIV

It is estimated that 56 percent of African-American male-to-females tested positive for HIV, double the estimated rate of HIV infection in the entire MTF transgender community.


Holiday protest on Park Avenue

Santa Claus and a band of activist delivered an early Christmas present yesterday to Blackstone Inc. The Corporations wants to build coal fired plants near their homes.


Orthodox Jewish communities sweep abuse under rug

One in four women in the United States will suffer domestic violence in her lifetime. But for the Orthodox Jewish community, the secretive way they handle it differs from the norm.


Second Avenue subway causes strife

Residents are losing their homes and stores are losing business to the $4.5 billion subway, which will run along Second Avenue from 96th Street to 63rd Street and open in 2017.


Raising HIV Awareness in Harlem

With the number of new HIV cases in Harlem rising at an alarming rate, the African Hope Committee targets the West African immigrant community in an education outreach and aid organization.


New Voices in City Politics

Despite his campaign's shortcomings, Salim Ejaz's bid for New York City comptroller achieved symbolic victory. As the first Pakistani-American on the ballot for a citywide post, his candidacy represents a growing South Asian presence in the city.


Housing Woes for Chinatown’s Chinese

As gentrification seeps into Chinatown, the immigrants who gave the neighborhood its name are being forced out.


Islamic Banking: Hope for Harlem

The current struggle for Masjid Aqsa, one of Harlem's oldest and largest mosques, alerts us to a fundamental concern--a clash between Islam and property ownership. A prominent Real Estate entrepreneur and member of the Masjid lends us an insider look at the problem and a potential resolution.