Special Reports

Still Occupying: One year later OWS hits the streets again

Protestors waved banners, played music, and danced in the street. Over 150 people were arrested.

Special Reports

Still Occupying: “God is with the Poor”

Occupy Faith makes a strong showing at OWS one year anniversary demonstration.

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Still Occupying: OWS not just a youth movement

By 7:09 a.m. Bill Steyert, 69, had been arrested for blocking traffic.


Still Occupying: Lack of cohesive message doesn’t stop the OWS movement.

The southernmost tip of Manhattan was transformed into a birthday party of sorts as the People’s Puppets, a theatrical group of Occupy Wall Street demonstrators, assembled, donned their party hats, rehearsed a few catchy OWS-themed tunes and marched north into the heart of the financial district.


Giants Parade: Mob goes wild and attacks police cruiser

Arrest were made as some fans lost control.


Passionate Occupy Wall Street make their voices heard at Union Square

"Its about sharing our stories,” one protestor said.


Occupy Wall Street schedules city wide march to “shut down” Wall Street

Bold,flyers are being spread on twitter, urging the community to “Occupy Every Block.”


700 Occupy Wall Street protestors arrested on the Brooklyn Bridge

Occupy Wall Street protestors attempted to march across the Brooklyn Bridge but were met with police opposition.