“The Little Church that Stood” stands as a living memorial to 9/11

For years, people have been coming back to St. Paul’s Chapel on the 9/11 anniversary to remember. It stands just steps from Ground Zero, and miraculous suffered no damage.


Pete Seeger’s church honors him with sing-along

But more than a memorial to the late musician, the afternoon became a spiritual experience for many who connect music with community healing.

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9/11 Anniversary: Commemorative flags and baseball caps for sale

“We’re getting flack for selling stuff, but we’re not the Taliban,” said one vendor Anne Ellis.

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Thousands pause to remember 9/11 victims

Yesterday marked the 11th anniversary of the terrorist attacks that killed over 3000 and changed the New York City landscape forever.

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Mixed emotions at 9/11 ceremony

For many 1 World Trade Center is not a welcomed sight.

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“He saved people”

Families and friends remember those who died on 9/11

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Families honor 9/11 victims in intimate service

9/11l service that was markedly quieter and more intimate than years past.


Community group in Crown Heights hopes to reduce gun violence

Community group Save Our Streets Crown Heights works with youth in Brooklyn


9/11 statue honors firefighters and other first responders

“The Kneeling Fireman" is the first 9/11 memorial in midtown.


Tensions high on 9/11 anniversary

As Americans marked the ninth anniversary of 9/11, one man lit a Quran on fire near Ground Zero.