Life jackets symbolize the plight of refugees in Brooklyn display

Oxfam America, a global organization that addresses poverty, hunger and injustice arranged used refugee life jackets on Pebble Beach at […]


Cuban Americans still can’t agree on Obama’s historic visit to Cuba

A month after Obama's controversial visit to island, Cuban Americans can't agree whether it was a good idea.


Bushwick’s Dispossessed Latino Community

Members of Make The Road NY sing songs, share meals, and learn about their rights. Above is Angel Vera, of […]

Special Report: Midterm Elections 2014

As Election Day nears, Latino vote remains underrepresented and elusive

Latinos have become an increasingly important voting bloc.


Undocumented teens demonstrate for immigration reform

The issue in question was immigration reform.


Volunteers encourage Obamacare sign ups in Union Square

The event was part of a national day of action promoting Obamacare

Special Reports

Corn, carrots and the Inauguration

For members of the anti-GMO Inauguration Day demonstration, the chance to spread the word about genetically modified foods to such a large group is what brought them to the Mall in protest.

Special Reports

Sound issues hurt Inauguration

Some in the audience booed as the screen briefly turned off, others couldn’t help but laugh at the sporadic transmission.

Special Reports

Obama’s Inauguration has fewer attendees, but optimism prevails

In the midst of a deep partisan divide in Congress, wars in Afghanistan and Iraq and the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression, Obama’s message of hope and promise for the country remain in tact.

Special Reports

Four generations witness Inauguration

The majority of the crowd was black. The strong presence proved the significance of the President’s two term hasn’t been lost on the black community.