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Still Occupying: Lack of cohesive message doesn’t stop the OWS movement.

The southernmost tip of Manhattan was transformed into a birthday party of sorts as the People’s Puppets, a theatrical group of Occupy Wall Street demonstrators, assembled, donned their party hats, rehearsed a few catchy OWS-themed tunes and marched north into the heart of the financial district.


An OWS contingent protests at Republican fundraiser

“I don’t want Romney to become president, because I’m scared he is going to run America the way he runs his businesses. We are the 99%. We can’t live like that.”


New OWS occupation frustrates local community

After being booted out of Zuccotti Park last weekend, after a six month occupation, Occupy Wall Street protestors have moved to a public space - Union Square Park - leaving the community with mixed reactions.


Remembering the occupation of Zuccotti Park

One look at the park now and there’s no sniff of a revolution.


Occupy Wall Street tackles immigrant worker issues

But with no direct immigrant involvement accomplishing concrete goals are challenging.


Occupy Wall Street Protestors march to take back their park

Occupy Wall Street protestors marched from Tribeca's to reclaim Zuccotti Park.


Occupy Wall Street vows not to stop

Protestors say movement will only go stronger.


Frustrated Occupy Wall Street protestors are shut out of Zuccotti Park

The police refused to allow protestors to re-enter the park, violating a temporary restraining order.


Occupy Wall Street schedules city wide march to “shut down” Wall Street

Bold,flyers are being spread on twitter, urging the community to “Occupy Every Block.”


Some women at Occupy Wall Street struggle with security and being heard

As the movement grows women protestors have their own issues with surviving and thriving at Zuccotti Park