OWS Anniversary met with a cry for more affordable housing

But the impact of high housing prices on their lives wasn’t the only thing drawing people to the park.


Waiting in line for iPhone 5 becomes PR stunt

For the brave, passionate, and possibly foolhardy, waiting in line for the new Apple iPhone 5, which goes on sale […]

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Still Occupying: One year later OWS hits the streets again

Protestors waved banners, played music, and danced in the street. Over 150 people were arrested.

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Still Occupying: “God is with the Poor”

Occupy Faith makes a strong showing at OWS one year anniversary demonstration.

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Still Occupying: Whose Street? Our Street

Occupy Wall Street hits the streets again to demonstrate for their one anniversary.

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Still Occupying: Arrested once, but still not afraid to fight

The danger of arrest might have been present again this morning, but Rachel Smith made it clear she was in the OWS movement for the long haul.


Still Occupying: Discontent with Obama fills OWS

Ahead of the November presidential elections, protestors gathered for a day of action Monday morning in Manhattan’s Financial District in […]

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Still Occupying: CODEPINK

Some activists feel they have been directly impacted by this “war.”

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Still Occupying: Police Occupy Wall Street

What was intended to be an act of civil disobedience turned into a cat-and-mouse chase with police, who prevented protestors from being able to occupy anything.

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Still Occupying: OWS not just a youth movement

By 7:09 a.m. Bill Steyert, 69, had been arrested for blocking traffic.