Puerto Rico

Special Report: Shutdown: The Coronavirus

Puerto Rico hospitals that turned away patients with Covid-19 symptoms will face penalties

Puerto Rico has reported 286 cases of the coronavirus and 11 deaths as of Wednesday. 

Special Report: Shutdown: The Coronavirus

Puerto Rican journalists cover the coronavirus from home

The journalists at El Nuevo Día, Puerto Rico’s largest newspaper, have seen it all. In a span of less than […]

Special Report: Shutdown: The Coronavirus

Lockdown in Puerto Rico puts victims of domestic violence at risk

For women who are experiencing gender-based violence, a mandatory lockdown traps them with their abusers, giving them less opportunities to escape physical and verbal abuse. 

Special Report: Shutdown: The Coronavirus

Tourism workers on front line fight of Covid-19 in Puerto Rico

The hotel staff said they work for tourism, but they can’t sustain their business if the virus overwhelms the island.

Special Report: Shutdown: The Coronavirus

Airport feels like a ghost town during coronavirus pandemic

Halls were barren, and stores were closed, except for a brightly lit Hudson News store.


Puerto Ricans rally for the island’s independence

For the activists  in the march, the route to the island’s decolonization is through independence as opposed to statehood. They also demanded the cancellation of Puerto Rico’s over $70 billion national debt. 


Hundreds gather to remember the devastation of Hurricane

A lot of the pain and anger Puerto Ricans feel is based on the neglect of the federal government.


Anger remains one year after Hurricane Maria ripped through Puerto Rico

Protesters believe that the federal government is to blame.


Hurricane Maria remembered through vigil and protest

After the services the attendees marched to nearby Trump Tower.


Some Puerto Ricans angered over Trump politicizing hurricane’s updated death toll

President Trump claimed that the numbers went up “like magic.”