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Brooklyn Haitians struggle with Trump’s offensive comments

Education about their community is key.

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Capital Steps

The year has been a year fraught with political turmoil for much of the United States, with major changes on the horizon for many families and communities across the country. What better place to uncover and tell those stories than the epicenter of American policymaking? This year’s Reporting the Nation/Reporting New York students trekked to our nation’s capital to do […]


New Yorkers protest Trump’s “Fascist Regime”

Hundreds took to the streets of Manhattan to protest the Trump administration on the one year anniversary of his election.


Latinos discuss leadership in the Age of Trump

For Calderón, it’s not the number of Latino leaders in power that is the issue in their community but the ideology and policies that they set forth.

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New Yorkers Reflect on Trump’s 100 Days in Office

At his 100th day in office, President Trump has the lowest approval ratings of any modern president. In New York City, residents give President Trump mixed reviews.

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International Students Worry About Their Future Under Trump

Young international students are rethinking their place in America.

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Kids Join Rally Against DeVos Confirmation

City Kids join the fight against Betsy DeVos.


Muslims react to immigration ban

The city’s muslim community struggle with immigration ban.


Bay Ridge Residents Stand in Unity Against Trump’s Muslim Ban

The nationwide protests give Ellaithy comfort and hope.


Sense of urgency hits East Village protestors

President Trump’s opposition has a lot to protest about.