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Special Report: Election 2012

‘Stamp Stampede’ at Union Square

The Stamp Stampede and its mini-marathon (12 hours of stamping cash) were conceived by Cohen with a campaign finance reform initiative in mind.

Special Report: Election 2012

Home call centers foster camaraderie among volunteers

Wolfsthal's apartment bell started ringing as early as 6:15 p.m. and scarcely stopped for the next 20 minutes. The host planted nosh around the apartment; nuts, grapes, cookies, cheese, crackers.

Special Report: Election 2012

Voices outside of the Hofstra Presidential Debate

Protestors and watchers ask the questions they want answered by the candidates.

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First 2012 Presidential Debate

Live blog of the first presidential debate by the staff of Pavement Pieces. Editors: Alex Jung. Courtney Pence, Alaia Howell. Reporters: Jordyn Taylor, Breana Jones, Gabrielle Wright, Timothy Weisberg, Sarah Fournier,Daniella Silva, Alyana Alfaro, Mary Zarikos, Jia Guo, Alex Reali, Natalie Triplett


Still Occupying: Discontent with Obama fills OWS

Ahead of the November presidential elections, protestors gathered for a day of action Monday morning in Manhattan’s Financial District in […]


Occupy Wall Street protest continues to grow in face of arrests

Occupy Wall Street movement is growing in New York City and across the world.

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Philadelphia Life: Pennsylvania is an easy place to buy guns, officials say

Whether you’re a cowboy or a bandit, you will not have trouble obtaining a firearm in the state any time soon.

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The Border Project: Sheriffs debate SB 1070

Border sheriffs are at the center of a challenge to SB 1070 filed by the ACLU.

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The Border Project: ‘Anchor baby’ law stirs controversy

New law proposes no birth certificates to children of the undocumented.


Demonstrators call for immigration reform in D.C.

Tens of thousands of people descended on the National Mall in Washington, D.C., to call on President Obama and Congress to enact immigration reform.