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Some voters are choosing not to vote

Throughout the United States, some voters have decided not to participate in the Presidential Election for a myriad of reasons.


Early voting at NYU

NYU Votes has been working with student-run political groups such as GenVote@NYU


The breakup we’ve all been waiting for

Trump’s campaign of grandiose rhetoric, bombast, belittling, and smearing of others felt all too recognizable because it was.


The battle for Hillsborough County voters

Hillsborough County, home to the city of Tampa, seems to be on the pulse of the country’s wave of change.


Puerto Ricans in Florida become key in the 2020 Presidential election 

Both candidates have been competing to win over the Latino vote in Florida and Puerto Ricans have proven to be a key demographic there, making up 27% of the overall eligible Latino voters in the state.  


New York voters express their hopes and fears for the 2020 Election

Many feel it’s a do or die situation.


Philadelphia embraces early voting

Philadelphians are voting in record numbers.


Race and social justice fuel some black men to vote

For many Black male voters, the upcoming election feels like a life or death issue.


Voting Puerto Rican

Choosing where to vote is hard enough, not having a voice at all is worse.


Stakes are high for young women in the presidential election

The future looks uncertain for young women Democratic voters as election day nears.