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Despite challenges, campaign strategists flock to big data

But harnessing big data’s power for local elections and other grassroots campaigns has proven difficult.


Republican Strongholds are Outliers in City’s Political Landscape

Only 10 Republicans currently hold city, state or federal elected positions in the five boroughs, and nine of them represent neighborhoods in Staten Island and south Brooklyn.

Special Report: Midterm Elections 2014

Theme-less Midterm elections will be about ‘nothing’

Polls show lower voter engagement and motivation this year than in 2010, the previous midterm elections.


Moscow-born NY State Assemblyman Vies for Fifth Term

Alec Brook-Krasny, who immigrated to the US in 1989 from Moscow, hopes to be elected for his fifth consecutive term and to continue the debates that he values so much.


Possible new holidays for NYC schools

The New York Department of Education will consider adding more scheduled school holidays.


Statue of Liberty reopens

National Park Service workers at the Statue of Liberty were called back to work on Sunday morning as the Statue of Liberty reopened its doors to visitors.

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NYC Primary: de Blasio is the clear winner, but a runoff looms

Whichever candidate wins the primary is likely to be elected NYC's next mayor in November and the city’s first Democratic leader in 20 years.

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NYC Primary: LGBT voters of color not in Quinn’s corner

Quinn's strategy to pander to the LGBT vote as a bright symbol of progress alienated some queer people of color.

PoliticsSpecial Reports

NYC Primary: The Muslim vote

The inability of the Muslim community find an acceptable candidate had led to indifference when it comes to politics.

PoliticsSpecial Reports

NYC Primary: The mayoral candidates and style votes

It’s the final push as contenders for New York City’s top job put their best foot, and in some case, […]