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New York City Marathon: Downtown Brooklyn

Kishel John holds a sign and cheers at the 2015 New York City Marathon. Photo by Taisha Henry Hundreds of […]

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New York City Marathon: East Harlem

This year for her first marathon, Glyptis and his daughters have been following Marilena at every stop possible to encourage her every step of the way.

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New York City Marathon: Harlem

Armed with a cowbell in one hand, she screamed advice to the runners that were slowed down by leg cramps and encouragement to those weary from the run as they pushed on.

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New York City Marathon: Upper West Side

A former electronics technician for the U.S Navy, Johnson is a disabled veteran who was no stranger to the demands of a marathon, finishing the race with flying colors, as well as two prosthetic legs.

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New York City Marathon: South Bronx

Though traditionally a quieter part of New York City, those exiting the 3rd Avenue - 138 Street subway station were met with the sound of live jazz and cheering as loud as the bright green uniforms worn by volunteers passing out water and bananas to runners.

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New York City Marathon: Staten Island

Park rangers and police officers were turning away people with without identification bands. In addition to Van Briesen Park, Fort Wadsworth itself was accessible only to runners, police officers, and park rangers.

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NYC Marathon: Long Island City, Queens

Every time the crowd’s cheers grew louder, signifying the arrival of another wheelchair athlete, the ex-Marine smiled. “This is what we’re fighting for,” he said.

Pope Francis Visiting New York Live Evrybit

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The Pope in NYC

Poep Francis brings his message of love, hope and acceptance to the city. But he also brings inconvenience and controversy.

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14 years later: Spreading the word of God at ground zero

There was a degree of nostalgia for the religious climate of the United States that flourished in the aftermath of the attacks.

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14 Years Later: First responders still in battle for their lives

Sam Kedem(left) and Les Speiser (right) were first responders during the Ground Zero Relief effort and meet every year for […]