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Makeup artists raise awareness

Eye shadow, blush and powder are used to educate women about the disease.


LGBT job fair draws thousands

Nearly 3,000 members of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered community at the third annual Out to Work event on Sept. 17. Sponsored by the LGBT Community Center and the Greenwich Village-Chelsea Chamber of Commerce, it is the largest LGBT job fair in the Northeast.


Health-care debate rages on

Business owners in the audience argued both sides of the debate and even offered solutions, though the diversity of opinions given at Wednesday’s chamber meeting in Queens is as diverse as the borough itself.


9/11 ceremony onlookers remember

Emmett Newton was driving his car in Lower Manhattan when he noticed smoke billowing into the sky. When he glanced […]


Protestors speak out against development

Dozens of Upper East Side residents want their voices heard. And for at least a few hours Saturday afternoon, they […]


In healthcare debate, economy trumps race

Leaning against a table in a small, crowded room in Harlem, Janice Williams watched as President Obama spoke last night […]


Mets pack apples for the poor

The Mets have not been able to give too much to their fans this season. Those who follow the team […]


Eco-friendly products may not be so different

All-purpose cleaners at six dollars and $12 a pop for laundry detergent means consumers are paying more for products that experts say may not be that different from their Clorox counterparts.


Baby Multiplicity

Discovering you are pregnant with triplets or more is becoming increasingly unlikely as U.S. fertility clinics, responding to government pressure, are reducing the amount of high-order multiple pregnancies induced by drugs or by treatments such as in vitro fertilization.


Check-cashing store serves the poor

Sylvia Perez left her Harlem apartment with about $1,000 and made her way to the Lower East Side to “settle […]