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Haiti Earthquake: Dominicans give, but hard feelings remain

Some Dominicans can't forget the past, despite the devastation.

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Haiti Earthquake: A Haitian church mobilizes

Some community-based organizations in New York City are sending independent convoys to scout for family members.

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Haiti Earthquake: Worry triggers involvement

When the Louis family learned their Haitian relatives home collapsed on top of them, they took action.

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Haiti Earthquake: Wiring money in Flatbush

Family and friends of the victims have been trying to send money, though it has not been easy.

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Haiti Earthquake: A store owner tries to help

Yvens Brizard, a native of Haiti, plans to travel to Haiti in the next couple of days to aid an orphanage, where more than 150 children are starving.

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Haiti Earthquake: ‘I lost my family’

After recently losing his wife to diabetes, Gaspard Lynch lost his family and business in the Haiti earthquake.


Brooklyn tenants fight management firm

Tenants of 266 Washington Avenue are fighting increasingly nasty battles against Dermot Management Company, the firm that manages their building. They allege the company practices “predatory equity.”


Homeless enclave hides along Jersey cliff

Carmen Maysonet won her slice of the skyline the hard way. She became homeless for the first time a year ago, and she now resides among a hidden community of cliff dwellers on land bordering Jersey City, Union City and Hoboken.


Woodhaven brokers feel pinch of the economy

The stock market fell last September, but losses for realty brokers began years before, starting in 2006. Real estate brokers and firm owners in the Woodhaven, Queens, area have felt a decrease of more than 65 percent of sales.


Yorkville pantry helps hungry New Yorkers

As many New York families prepare to celebrate the holiday season, a stagnant national economy means less money to put food on the table. In New York City alone, the jobless rate has hit 10 percent.